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In our wellness area we also offer, alongside the extensive landscaped swimming area and the saunas, several treatments. Below you can find an overview

Thalasso Treatments

Use the resemblance between substances of the sea and the human blood plasma. It provides an ideal communication between the cells and the effect of beeing comfortable becomes presently perceptible.

Medical Treatments

Our competent physiotherapist expand the wellness-spa-offer by medical massages and body packets.

Triggerpoint Treatments

Muscle hardenings are loosend and relaxed by a specific pressure technology.


It's a combination of the energetic back massage from Rudolf Breuß, which solves bracings and the Dornmethode, in which whirls are corrected by pressure on the mandrel or transverse extensions.

Migraine massage

Soft, pleasant treatment method to alleviate the complaints suitable to the different migraine type.


Kerzen mit wertvollen Essenzen hüllen Körper und Sinne in wohltuende Düfte und die Rückenmassage mit kostbaren Ölen löst Verspannungen und Blockaden.

Silk glove massage

Skin like velvet and silk – soft massage-effleurage relaxes, brings your body in balance and removes softly dead skin cells.

Honey massage

Honey massage works from the skin to the mesh, the blood circulation gets promoted and the body detoxify and purify.

Aromatic oil massage

The released molecules of the aromatic oil essences communicates with our brain and causes emotions. Unconsciously the essence gets choosed which our body need the most to get back in balance.

Foot reflexology massage

Pressure of the reflexologies can influence disturbances and illnesses in the organism.


After a short conversation the suitable technics get combined.


A specially mild, manual technic with short pressure impulses in the area of the uppermost cervical vertebras.


Hot stones developes their mineral substance salary and transports these in small quantitys in the human organism.

Herb pouches massage

Valuable active substances from plants enrich our organism – Benefit and relaxation anyway

Ear Candles

Deep relaxation by dissolving of symptoms like wie meteorosensitivity, complaints of the cervical sinuses and nasal sinuses and stress.