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In our wellness area we offer you not only a sprawling bathing area and different saunas but also various treatments.

Our special wellness offers

Ideal for more vitality and new balance

"The classics" • full body and partial massages

Classical massage techniques on arms, legs, back and neck relax your body and vitalize your muscles in a classical way.

The intensity and focus of the massage are according to your wishes. Vitalise your body and make it fit for the day and free it from tension.

"Aromatic relaxation throughout the body" • aroma oil full body massage

A full body massage with the aromatic oil of your choice pampers body and soul.

Arms, legs, back, neck, head, décolleté and face experience the soothing, balancing effect of this expert application. A wonderfully pure aroma experience!

"Elemental fluidity" • lymphatic drainage

With light, flowing and targeted massage movements, the body is activated to release and purify excess fluid deposits.

At the same time, the softness of the massage lets thoughts flow - a time out for the mind begins. Ideal to support tired, overstrained, heavy legs or swelling.

Lightness and health for your whole body.

"Light-footedness" • foot reflex zone massage

Your whole-body treatment, which is performed over the feet. The foot reflects the whole body and shows in the reflex zones the state of the respective body part.

Using a special pressure point massage technique, the body is brought back into harmony via the corresponding zones and the body's own defences are activated. A fabulous, healthy foot and body feeling.

"Precise unison" • trigger point treatment

This Asian energy pressure point treatment supports the solution of stress-related or physical blockades and gently balances muscular and mental imbalances.

Valuable oils give the skin new suppleness at the same time.

"Scented peace & recovery" • aroma oil partial massage

A loosening back, neck and head massage that only ends at the tips of the hair.

Accompanied by a fine aromatic oil of your choice, the effect is intensified and the treatment is unmistakable. Your fragrant relaxation break!

"Vita Spa Mood Massage"

With a relaxing and soothing shoulder and neck massage you can let go of everyday life.

According to your wishes, you will receive an invigorating body pack that allows your skin and muscles to recover.