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An ideal combination of health and relaxation

At Hotel Becker in Bad Laer, the main focus is on relaxation and the health of our guests. With our wide range of spa treatments, we create relaxation zones for your personal break from everyday life.

Below you will find an overview of the facilities and premises relating to wellness and health. By the way, the Hotel Becker has one of the largest spa areas in the region and has its own brine spring.

» Equipment of the spa area in Hotel Becker

Our extensive spa area offers a wide range of applications with separate cabins for individual care. Activate your immune cells and enjoy the healing effect of heat in our Finnish sauna, the steam sauna with eucalyptus-menthol infusion or the Teceldarium.

The hotel's own bathing area with a 15 m sports pool, a whirlpool, a room for brine-oxygen therapy and a brine-therapy pool offers everything for active, relaxing and healing stays in this element. The 34° Celsius warm brine therapy pool has an anti-inflammatory effect and can provide relief for skin diseases.

The high content of mineral salts has a positive effect on the whole organism. The brine-oxygen therapy is a room inhalation with brine and ionized oxygen. The created marine irritant climate improves the oxygen transport in the body, strengthens the immune system and has a preventive effect against colds.

Our "Wolke-7" (Floating-Jet) lets you float - in an almost weightless state massages of various kinds can be performed. For active people there is a fitness room available in addition to our rental bikes.

» Swimming pool in the wellness area of the Hotel Becker

The hotel's own bathing area is reserved for our guests and, with its Roman steam bath, brine therapy pool and saunas, offers a wonderful place to relax in any weather. The 15 m long swimming pool also offers sports enthusiasts an undisturbed opportunity to take a few lanes.

» Rest zones

In addition to the treatment and spa area, our hotel offers various relaxation areas where you can let your mind wander, devote yourself to your favourite book, enjoy our tea specialities or simply close your eyes. The relaxation room in the sauna area, the sun lounger hall, the terrace with a view of the garden, the in-house park or the lobby offer the right possibilities for relaxation for every taste.

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