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Brine oxygen therapy

Take a deep breath!

The space inhalation with brine and ionize oxygen results a maritime climate, which has a positive effect on the whole organism. Have a rest for 30 minutes in our warm room with a relaxing play of colours, let your thoughts run free and feel the natural energy of the brine oxygen inhalation. The brine oxygen therapy humidifies your airway, improves the oxygen transport in the cellulars, strengthen your immune system and prevents a cold especially in the cold season.

More recommended scope of the brine oxygen therapy:
  • immunostimulation
  • extension of the airways with a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • improvement in performance
  • prevention of fluish infection/ bronchitis
  • other respiratory diseases e.g. asthma
  • hay fever/ allergies
  • stress reduction and prophylaxis
  • positive influence on metabolism and high blood pressure
  • prevention of hardening of the arteries

Persons with chronic and/ or grave respiratory diseases or an disease of thyroid gland should confer with their GP.

Image source: © by Andreas Hermsdorf pixelio.de