Alkaline Regime

Bring body and mind into balance

As one of the selected hotels in Germany, we carry out your alkaline fasting cure according to the wacker method. With an alkaline diet, you continue to eat three to five meals, but do without acid-forming foods, drink two to three litres per day and thus bring the acid-base balance of your body back into balance.

Feel vital and healthy and lose a few kilos in the process. Hotel Becker accompanies you during your fasting cure and offers you a holistic break with its own spa offer.

You will find comprehensive information on alkaline diet according to the wacker method on Sabine Wacker's homepage.

Further information about alkaline diet

For many a liberating experience, for some an unpleasant experience and yet indispensable - intestinal cleansing during an alkaline fasting cure. The digestive organs play a decisive role in the body's balance.

It is important for your well-being factor and the success of your alkaline diet that you clean your innards two to three times during an alkaline fasting week. Further information is available upon booking confirmation and upon request.