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Having lived in Bad Laer since the 16th century, and having founded and run the Becker Holiday Hotel since 1923, the Becker family is deeply rooted in the town, and today’s hotel continues to live out the traditional family charm. Before establishing the guesthouse, the Becker family was active in agriculture and producing lime for walls. Limestone broken in Blomberg was ground and burnt to lime for building walls in the Becker’s limestone oven, where today you can find memorial by the spa.

In 1939 Cilli Becker married August Große-Börger, and the guesthouse was continued under a new name and with much passion and sensitivity towards the guests.

After the chaos of the Second World War, spa guests began to return from the late 1940s. The demand was so great that the house was extended in 1964 in order to cater to the needs of the spa guests. Higher expectations demanded change, and so an indoor swimming pool was built, which, at that time, was a rarity in Germany. In 1972 the next step towards wellness and relaxation holidays for guests was taken with the addition of a medical bathing department. Even today this pool and attached wellness area is of a high class in terms of size, equipment and modern nature.

A symbol for the house’s tradition is the piano in the entrance hall which is over 100 years old, and on which tunes are still played every now and then.