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Our in-house brine source: Breathe deeply!

Not every hotel has its own source of brine. In the middle of the area of the Hotel Becker there is a salt spring, which unfolds its healing and anti-inflammatory effect in our 34° Celsius warm brine pool. The high mineral content of the water has a positive effect on the entire organism.

In addition, you can breathe deeply during the brine-oxygen therapy and enjoy the marine stimulating climate. Room inhalation with brine and ionized oxygen moistens the respiratory tract, improves oxygen transport into the cells, strengthens the immune system and has a preventive effect against colds, especially in the cold season.

Other recommended areas of application for brine-oxygen therapy:

  • immune stimulation
  • extension of the respiratory tract in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • increase in performance
  • in case of flu-like infections or for prevention
  • other respiratory diseases such as asthma, hay fever and allergies
  • stress reduction and stress prophylaxis
  • positive influence on metabolism and high blood pressure
  • prevention of arteriosclerosis

Price for the brine-oxygen therapy: 9,00 € pp.

Please note:
Persons with chronic and/or serious respiratory diseases or a thyroid disease should consult their family doctor before the first treatment.

image source: © by Andreas Hermsdorf pixelio.de