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Salt – more precious than gold

An indispensable ingredient for our foods, and precious to our health and wellbeing.

Bad Laer has state recognition as a brine spa town and cherishes the values of this wonderful commodity. As far back as 1885, the spring of the salt stream was discovered by the Springmeyer family and used to establish a bathing house which was known to have a soothing and healing effect on its guests. Today the spa hotel “Sole Vital” stands on this spot, as does the brine outdoor pool. Within the grounds of House Becker there is also a salt spring, which unfolds its healing effect in our 34° warm brine pool.

Additionally you can take a deep breath and enjoy the maritime climate while the brine oxygen threapy. The brine oxygen therapy with brine and ionize oxygen humidifies your airway, improves the oxygen transport in the cellulars, strengthen your immune system and prevents a cold especially in the cold season.